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If you feel that you would like to unsubscribe from all of our customers lists you can do so below. Warning: This may remove you from companies or mailing lists that you do want to receive marketing communications from.


TamsiMail is an email service provider used by 1,000s of businesses. Businesses use our service to send email and often add links in their email for you to get to their website. This Email marketing platform is also used by 1,000s of businesses.

What If I want To Report Spam?

We enforce a strict anti-spam policy. If you’ve received an unsolicited email, PLEASE FORWARD THE EMAIL YOU RECEIVED TO: 

If you’re not sure how to forward an email, you can also just hit “Reply”, change the To: address to the email address above, and click send. 

Please be sure to forward a copy of the unsolicited email, otherwise we won’t be able to figure out who sent it to you or help you in any way.