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Free Email Validation Included

Cleaning your lists can become a costly and time consuming task for any business. Mailing lists degrade everyday which is why Mail Minion automatically validates and cleans your list daily to ensure you stay compliant and most importantly, keeping your list current.

Removing invalid email addresses from your Mailing list improves your deliverability, keeps you compliant and ensures your email reputation is kept tip-top. The best part is – it’s free and included in any paid subscription package.

Designed For High Volume Campaigns

Designed For High Volume CampaigWe are jam packed full of technology which has been designed for High Volume Campaigns. Your clients receiving mail on time is paramount and maximies your Return on Investment. Hit your clients email accounts lighting fast and enjoy uber successful campaigns.

You can track and view your email broadcast analytics instantly & live. There is no waiting around for reports, once your broadcast has begun sending. You are able to see your full email analytics.s

Inbox Placement You Can Rely Upon

Across the globe 17% of email marketing campaigns fail to reach consumers, going directly to junk folders, or — more likely — disappearing altogether. We manage inbox placement for you, keeping on top of deliverability so you can focus on creating engaging campaigns.

We deliver to Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Comcast and many of the other major or minor ISPs. TamsiMail will ensure your campaign delivery is straight to the mail client of your choice.

Advanced Reporting That Keeps You Informed

TamsiMail advanced email analytics package expands on the built-in email marketing functionality. It adds spam analysis of email content, subject line preview, and email rendering previews. Engagement reporting and email client reporting — offer insight into how your recipients read your emails and what devices or browsers they use to view them.

Advanced email analytics is included in all accounts. Track your results in real time. Watching clicks, opens and bounces as they happen.